Laser cutting

Thanks to LASERTUBE ADIGE LT5, a top-of-the-range system equipped with a 1000W fiber laser, we can supply a laser cutting and drilling service, even as subcontractors, of:
• ROUND pipes with diameters from 12 to 120 mm;
• SQUARE pipes with sides from 12 to 100 mm;
• RECTANGULAR and FLAT-OVAL pipes with the section inscribed in a circle of diameter 140 mm, smallest side 10 mm, biggest side 120 mm and a maximum difference between sides of 100 mm.

Machining details
We can machine stainless steel pipes, electrically welded and not, and pipes made of copper, brass and aluminium alloy, all with a thickness of up to 3 mm.
The following can be done in particular:
• cuts that are straight, angled or with a personalised shape
• drilling that is round, square, rectangular, oval, or following a drawing
• brands that are standard or obtained from the client’s logo

The machine has a device that automatically absorbs the cutting residues and keeps the inner surface of round pipes clean. Round pipes with a minimum inner diameter of 42 mm and cut pipes of maximum length 1,200 mm can be machined.
Bundles of pipes from 3.20 m to 6.50 m long can be loaded automatically (maximum load 13 kg/m). In the event of special requirements, the piece can be loaded manually. The maximum length of the final pipe at discharge is 4.50 m.
Precision and speed: we cut and drill one manifold every 35". Advanced production management is the result of a centralised database where all the data (orders, part-programs, jobs, etc.) connected with the machine are archived in real time. This means that the data on machining progress, orders, and the number of pieces machined are always up to date, and also makes it possible during the offer phase to estimate the hourly production rate of a piece.