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Mondeo presents Water Island, the new pumping station directly powered by photovoltaic panels.Water Island. Solar Pumping System
Less expensive
Only the cost of installation; no maintenance or electricity costs.
The system is activated and runs independently: no batteries or generators required.
Maximum efficiency thanks to a new generation synchronous motor.
Zero maintenance
No batteries required, (acids, distilled water), elimination of the disposal costs at the end of its life cycle.


It automatically activates at sunrise.
When the current generated by sunlight reaches a minimum level of 20V DC and a power of 3W, the drive activates the motor pump, and tracks and maintains optimum operating parameters.
Different types of pumps can be installed:
  • submersible well pumps, used to draw and pump from underground water sources
  • surface pumps, used to draw water for irrigation or deliver water from one place to another
  • circulation pumps, used to re-circulate and purify water in closed circuits (e.g., swimming pools or tubs).
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