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Our Strenghts


Hydraulic efficiency
 Exclusive design Semplicità costruttiva
Hydraulic efficiency
 Exclusive design
 Constructive simplicity
Our three objectives concerning valves are: increase the bore sections, diminish friction, and improve the hydraulic profile of components.
We pay special attention when designing the technical and outward features of each of our products because we want to be proud of the components that carry the Mondeo brand name.
We are constantly investigating how to improve essential technical solutions because we believe that reliability follows simplicity.
100% made in Italy A good value for money The strictest hygienic conditions
100% made in Italy A good value for money The strictest hygiene
Products designed and manufactured in Italy, and subject to European standard quality controls.
 We have been able to reach an excellent balance between the quality of our products and their price, thanks to production cycle optimization, our choice of materials and by employing basic, functional shapes.
 Our precision manufacturing controls, processes and finishes reduce limestone and other deposits to a minimum, while always maintaining the strictest hygienic conditions of the product.
Recyclable materials  Peso contenuto Certificazione alimentare
Recyclable materials
 Limiting weight
 Certification for food
We believe that stainless steel is the best material that can be used to make our products because it is 100% recyclable and reduces the waste stream, without ever diminishing the performance or the purity of the product.  By employing pressed stainless steel, we are able to reduce an average of 50% of the metal used compared to valves manufactured with traditional processes (smelting or made from bars): no losses in performance and only gains in terms of cost.
Our products are certified for food service applications according to Italian Legislative Decrees DM 174 of April 6, 2004 and DM 34 of March 21, 1973.
Long and dependable service life Progetto europeo Resistenza allla corrosione
Long service life
 European project Corrosion Resistance
Our products guarantee dependable performance and long service life, thereby ensuring considerably low maintenance costs.
 Goods designed and controlled to meet European quality standards and manufactured in countries with lower production costs.
 Our products are surface-treated so that, together with the built-in quality of each component, they resist corrosion and are wear-resistant.