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Born in Montecchio Maggiore in the province of Vicenza, Italy on 11 August 1928 Giancarlo Ghiotto started his working life at Pellizzari S.p.a in Arzignano, Italy where in a matter of a few years he was promoted many times to positions of increasing responsibility. Before he began working at this company he was a student at the Rossi technical institute in Vicenza.

At just 27, together with Vinicio Mettifogo he started his adventures as an entrepreneur founding Calpeda Spa, which produced and is still producing electrical hydraulic pumps.

In 1968 he left Calpeda to create Lowara Elettopompe together with his brother Renzo. Here he held the position of company manager until 1985.

In 1986 after leaving his position as manager at Lowara he created the company Mondeo Srl and assumed the position of general manager and led the company to national and international recognition. After a period of 10 years he gave up his position as manager to his son Nicola but retained his position as company president.

Giancarlo Ghiotto became an indispensable figure for the Mondeo company thanks to his incomparable business experience, his technical preparation and his extremely high valued image.