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Pressurizing Kit

Our motto: simplify

Do you need to create a range of water booster units?
Is coordinating several suppliers becoming a problem?
Are production scheduling and logistics a concern?

Mondeo has created a practical turnkey service that provides the configuration of multiple pump water booster units.

Professionals at your service

Mondeo provides the consulting services of technical experts in the field of pressurization who can recommend the solutions that are best suited to each specific situation. We collaborate with the most important Italian and international name brands, therefore we can take care of coordinating the supply of various components as well as guarantee that you receive the best at the right price.

According to your needs

Mondeo provides services at different stages and customers can request either full services or partial services from the following:
  • consulting services aimed at defining the design and identifying the most appropriate technical solutions
  • supplying all the components (from industrial carpentry for the support of bolts and screws to supplying valves, threaded pipe fittings, manifolds, pressure switches, pressure gauges, and hydraulic sealants)
  • delivery of a turnkey kit
Depliant - PRESSURIZING KIT (PDF format)