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The 'Small', 'Idrja' and 'Glovalve' series of check valves are the results of many years of experience in the world of check valves and of the willingness to increase the use of stainless steel for constructive technical means able to guarantee an incomparable economic value of the final product.
With the research for the best balance between the various working processes of stainless steel which today make up part of the actual technical heritage, Mondeo has been able to create a product which distinguishes itself for its efficiency and reliability when working in the most diverse conditions.

The Small, Idrja and Glovalves are, in fact, aimed at providing the maximum of the hydraulic performance in all of the liquid transportation plants, being of domestic type, feeding, sanitary or industrial and constitute the ideal solution for problems of corrosion, scaling or hygiene advising against the use of check valves made from brass, bronze or cast iron.

The 'Amita' series of check valves are another example of Mondeo's willingness to research up-to-date technological solutions in order to be able to provide products which are increasingly more suitable for the renewed needs of the market.
'Amita' is, in fact, a plastic valve with exceptional performance results, it represents the most modern and economic response to the need for the removal of metallic pollution from liquids and in particular from portable water.
In fact all of its parts which come into contact with the working liquid are made from materials which do not contain lead: the valve body is made from Nylon 66 with glass fiber, the valve and the spring are made from stainless steel Aisi 316.

The 'Amita' check valve is an ecological valve which is able to substitute the traditional brass valves with improved hydraulic performance and notable other advantages amongst which the reduced loss of charge, elevated mechanical resistance, silent working and extreme economic value.


Mondeo, faithful to its mission to extend the use of stainless steel in the world of fluid transportation created some years ago the 'New Dual' series of collectors with standardized dimensions and configurations for the creation of groups with 2 pumps and,furthermore, thanks to the various processes of working with stainless steel, which make up part of the technological heritage, for many years Mondeo has already been able to create manifolds with dimensions and configurations according to the various needs (other than 300 different types of collectors currently in production).

The design solutions used, combine in a coherent manner phases of deformation and refrigerating of the tube, mechanical working for removal, welding at TIG without contribution of material and consent therefore to the realization of a product which insures an excellent quality level. The stainless steel and the particular polishing treatment insure absolute cleanliness and resistance over time, the particular constructive technique guarantees reliability and great hydraulic performance.