Juli 5, 2024

Energy efficiency plan continues: stop gas heating thanks to heat pump technology

  A new energy efficiency action has been added to our strategy to help reduce the environmental impact of production. Alongside the choice of photovoltaics, which […]
Mai 23, 2024

Mondeo mourns the loss of its founder

Mondeo mourns the loss of its founder Giancarlo Ghiotto. With his curiosity and love for mechanics, he was able to make a difference in the world […]
Februar 23, 2024

The Idrja DN check valve family becomes even bigger

We predicted that there would be another addition to the range after the Idrja DN 125 heck valve, and that’s exactly what happened. The new additions […]
Januar 15, 2024

Ecological development for our electropolishing system

    The search for maximum savings in energy and more sustainable production were the reasons behind the recent project to convert our electropolishing system so […]
Dezember 12, 2023

Focused on guaranteeing the best customer service

  The last edition of Big 5 Global has just ended. We are very satisfied with the turnout of visitors and their interest in our products. […]
November 24, 2023

The family of our stainless steel hydraulic manifolds is expanding

  Hydraulic manifolds play an important role in contributing to the efficiency of a system. Resistance, aesthetics, and above all reduced head losses are the characteristics […]
November 20, 2023

At Big 5 Dubai 2023 with interesting news…

  From 4 to t December Mondeo will be present at Big 5 Dubai 2023, one of the leading events for the construction industry worldwide. We’ll […]
Oktober 19, 2023

Mondeo is investing in growth

  The work on expanding the Mondeo headquarters, which will double the available spaces for the logistics and production areas, began a short while ago. The […]
August 2, 2023

Polarisation curve test for measuring the passivation level of stainless steel

    Passivation determines stainless steel resistance Electropolishing amplifies the passivation level of stainless steel The polarisation curve test measures the level of passivation   Spontaneous […]
Juli 5, 2023

Speaking of company compliance, ethics and vision

At Mondeo we strongly believe that a true, solid approach to sustainable development is possible by promoting the culture of lawfulness. This is why we have […]
Mai 25, 2023

Non-return valves: each to its own application

  Non-return valves: what kind of hydraulic device are they? The question is extremely easy to answer, because the definition of how these mechanical components work […]
Mai 15, 2023

Valves and manifolds that challenge heights

  Mondeo’s signature is also on the “Address Residence Sky View”, a building that rises in the modern residential and business quarter of Downtown, in Dubai. […]
März 30, 2023

The new catalogue is available for download

  The new catalogue, with the entire range of our products and all the solutions for an efficient and sustainable fluid handling, is available online. As […]
Februar 23, 2023

When to use gate valves and when to use ball valves

    Ball valves and gate valves both belong to the same family: shut-off valves. When inside a hydraulic system, these mechanical devices interrupt or regulate […]
Dezember 23, 2022

New valve and manifold thread lathes: precision, productivity and environmental respect

  The search for product quality begins with the production process, which must be efficient and able to guarantee maximum precision. As a result, it is […]
Dezember 2, 2022

40% of our energy comes from the sun: a sustainable choice

Everyone has to play their part in climatic changes and protecting the environment. This is true for citizens, but even and above all for companies. Promoting […]
November 17, 2022

AISI 304 and AISI 316: how are they different from other stainless-steel types?

  Stainless steel is a unique material: resistant, hygienic, and also sustainable, as it is 100% recyclable. This iron-based alloy combines the properties of steels (hardness […]
Oktober 5, 2022

Idrja 125 check valves: hydraulic efficiency and large sizes

  There is a new entry in the Idrja check valve series. It is the DN 125 version, therefore a control valve of considerable size, ideal […]
August 4, 2022

A new automatic machine for the production of stainless steel manifolds

  The renewal and technological implementation of our systems continue, in line with our product and work quality objective. In consequence, we recently acquired a T-Drill […]
Juni 14, 2022

Check valves: the strategic role of product personalization

    Let’s make your valve together. This motto is how we like to describe our work, because it is a concept that holds two fundamental […]
April 19, 2022

How to compensate distributed and localised head loss in a circuit

Head loss is a very important aspect of a hydraulic circuit. It can be summed up with the expression “energy dissipation”, with the words referring to […]
Februar 23, 2022

Valves and filters: a new engraving machine to upgrade the product identification process

When a component, like a valve or a filter in our case, is added to a system, it must be identifiable and perfectly traceable. Only a […]
Dezember 10, 2021

Mondeo enters the Japanese technology catalogue thanks to its stamped steel products

  Mondeo’s story began from an insight that was an authentic novelty for the fluid movement sector. This new production philosophy, based on stainless steel sheet […]
November 19, 2021

Foot valve with hose nipple: the ideal solution for collecting rainwater

    Drinking water is probably our most precious element, even though we waste too many litres every day. To invert this tendency, it is fundamental […]
November 10, 2021

Discover the latest version of the Mondeo catalogue – Valves and Hydraulic Accessories

The new catalogue with all the news about our products, among which the variant of the Idrja check valve with filter and connection, is available online. […]
September 17, 2021

What is the life span of a check valve?

Check valves are present in a great many plumbing systems because countless applications need fluid to flow in only one direction. Being able to rely on […]
Juli 7, 2021

A 3D printer for product development

  The development of rapid prototyping thanks to 3D printers has opened new doors in the industrial design field. Mondeo’s R&D area has chosen to use […]
April 16, 2021

Stainless steel manifolds: technology for lead time optimization

  Taking care of all the processing phases is very important for the quality we demand from our products. We TIG weld our manifolds to guarantee […]
März 26, 2021

Stainless steel three-way valves: how to manage the flow direction manually or with a pneumatic actuator

Thanks to their versatility, ball valves are widely used in both domestic and industrial plumbing. The variations of this type of shut-off valve also include 3-way […]
Januar 29, 2021

How to size valves using the KV value

  The Kv value, or valve flow coefficient, is one of the most important parameters for identifying the best valve for your system. As already mentioned […]
Januar 7, 2021

Electropolishing inside manifolds: the answer to the highest hygiene standards

For some sectors (medicine and food for example), electropolishing the insides of steel components, such as manifold pipes, is very important. Electropolishing exalts the resistance characteristics […]
Dezember 22, 2020

Roughness and electropolishing: its advantage over other surface finishes

Making stainless steel even more stainless: that is what electropolishing does, and it is why we use it on all our pieces, valves and manifolds. In […]
November 12, 2020

Against the danger of legionella, a valve that recirculates water in expansion tanks

Expansion tanks are a very important element in hydraulic circuits. Among other things, they act as a shock absorber against dangerous water hammer. Expansion tanks can […]
Oktober 19, 2020

The new catalogue: valves and hydraulic accessories – is ready!

  The latest version of our products catalogue, with new graphics and content, has been available for a few days now. It has not just been […]
September 24, 2020

What head loss is and how to contain it to guarantee maximum efficiency

  When producing a hydraulic circuit, considering head loss is fundamental because system performance depends also on containing it. Every distribution network requires the guarantee of […]
Juli 8, 2020

The importance of seals in check valves

  Seals are an important part of hydraulic valves and there are different types, precisely because they have to adapt to the chemical characteristics of the […]
Mai 28, 2020

Floy check valve and Linia 2.0 filter: a new generation of products

Studying shapes for innovation: this is the main inspiration behind the new Floy check valves and the new Linia filters. We added 2.0 to their names […]
April 29, 2020

WRAS approved non-return valves: the highest safety standards for drinking water

    The whole range of our Idrja and Small non-return valves has obtained WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certification, required in the United Kingdom for […]
April 2, 2020

New modified alcohol washer: quality and environmental protection

Mondeo’s stainless steel hydraulic valves and manifolds are made of thinly-pressed elements that are then TIG-welded to guarantee optimal sealing. Precision during the various processing phases […]
Februar 28, 2020

Check valves for compressed air: studied to resist continual stress

  Check valves are versatile, perfect for many different applications. They can be used to let fluid flow in a single direction in both domestic and […]
Februar 11, 2020

How to fit a check valve

    Imagine hydraulic piping where the gravitational return of the fluid must be prevented internally: the solution is to fit a check valve at the […]
Januar 4, 2020

Butterfly valves: a new product that completes the range

    Our range of valves now has a new addition: a butterfly valve that unites performance with low cost. Butterfly valves are interception valves that […]
Dezember 27, 2019

A new range of pressure type flow switches for controlling pumps

    The idea of increasing our offer with a full range of pressure type flow switches was triggered by how we interpret our company mission: […]
Dezember 19, 2019

Salt spray test: the superior resistance of electropolished AISI 316 steel

  We did an extreme test on the corrosion resistance of our valves, and the results clearly and undoubtedly attest their reliability.   The salt spray […]
Dezember 13, 2019

Mondeo stainless steel valves and manifolds at the centre of the international market

  Internationality: this is the most outstanding characteristic of the 2019 edition of The Big 5 – Dubai. Almost 70,000 people from 134 countries visited the […]
Dezember 6, 2019

Skora air valves: a unique product that benefits from all the advantages of stainless steel

    Air valves are a simple but essential product in all hydraulic systems. Installers know that the air which is naturally present in the system […]
November 8, 2019

Big Five Dubai 2019

  Mondeo will attend The Big Five | Dubai 2019, the main building and construction trade show for the whole of the Middle East. Running from 25th to 28th November, the […]
Oktober 28, 2019

Floating valve: method of operation

Floating valves belong to the shut-off valve family whose valves, as the name says, intercept the fluid, allowing or blocking its passage. These valves are mainly […]
Oktober 21, 2019

Rate A check valves by Mondeo: zero leakage

  The leakage rate is the parameter used to indicate how well a hydraulic valve seals. The UNI EN 12266-1 standard identifies seven rates, from A […]
September 17, 2019

The advantages of a modular manifold

  When creating a hydraulic system, flexibility is the key word. Modular manifolds are a valid solution because they adapt to different requirements and applications, no […]
August 8, 2019

How to prevent water hammer consequences and avoid damages

  “Water hammer” is an overpressure wave that is created in a plumbing system. It’s a hydraulic phenomenon originated by the inertia of a flowing water […]
Juni 17, 2019

Small and Idrja check valves by Mondeo receive American NSF/ANSI 61 certification

  Research and development have allowed us to recently obtain a new and important result: American certification according to Section 8 2071 of the NSF/ANSI 61 […]
Mai 14, 2019

What is the difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel?

Stainless steel is the term applied to identify the steel families that contain at least 11% of chromium, which is the chemical element that affords the […]
April 19, 2019

Meeting of Mondeo agents for Italy: strategies, goals and novelty previews

We were very happy to welcome all our agents from the Italian sales network to the customary annual meeting, this year held on 3 and 4 […]
März 13, 2019

Motorised valves with pre-assembled pneumatic actuator: the advantages of a perfect combination

Motorised ball and butterfly valves: operation and applications  Among Mondeo’s new products there is also a line of motorised hydraulic valves. Our ball and butterfly valves, […]
Januar 28, 2019

A new laser cutting system

    In the Industry 4.0 environment, renewing the machinery fleet is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect. New systems mean better quality and safety, interconnection with the […]
November 30, 2018

Stainless steel: a sustainability champion

  Stainless steel is an iron-based alloy that mixes the mechanical characteristics that are typical of steel, namely ultimate load and hardness, with the resistance to […]
November 13, 2018

The Big Five Dubai 2018

Mondeo will attend The Big 5 Dubai, the main building and construction trade show for the whole of the Middle East. Running from 26th to 29th November,  the […]
Oktober 8, 2018

Valve and manifold testing: a new technological solution

    Checking the finished product is the last phase before selling a quality product. Even if our search for quality already begins at the design […]
September 14, 2018

Programming next year’s sales strategy

  On 5thSeptember a meeting was held in Mondeo with the sales team. It is a regular quarterly appointment, held after the summer pause, that focuses […]
August 27, 2018

A new stainless steel pressure reducing valve

Mondeo stainless steel pressure reducing valves are particularly appreciated on the market. This is why, to complete the range, the 1’ version of the H2272 pressure […]
August 3, 2018

A ball valve with integrated union: compact and cost efficient

      In answer to a market demand, Mondeo has increased its ball valve range with a new and interesting product: the H2048 valve that […]
Juli 17, 2018

Mondeo’s quality management system is now at ISO 9001:2015 level

  Quality is a concept that deeply marks all levels of Mondeo. Not by chance, the company has been following the ISO 9001 certification road since […]
Mai 4, 2018

The innovation behind our product

„If dealing with a truly innovative product, thinking about its beginnings, its development and its culmination is natural. That’s what happened to our valves, from the […]
April 21, 2018

Successful conclusion of MCE 2018

Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2018 closed with record results confirming its leading role in residential and industrial installations, HVAC&R, and renewable energy sectors. More than 2,400 exhibitors and162,000 trade […]
März 9, 2018

Mondeo at MCE 2018

The 41st edition of MCE – MOSTRA CONVEGNO EXPOCOMFORT is about to start. The two-year event, a world leader in the civil and industrial system sector, […]
März 5, 2018

New packaging for our valves

Care to detail, which is the essence of our production philosophy, also involves product packaging. We research and develop packaging so that it can always carry […]
März 1, 2018

Electropolishing: stainless steel forever, inside and out

  When you mention stainless steel, the first thing that comes to mind is a material that resists all kinds of attack and which does not […]
Februar 28, 2018

The Big 5 2017: great interest of stainless steel valves and manifolds

In 2017, the number of construction projects active in the United Arab Emirates increased by 17.4% in comparison with the previous year. This continual expansion of […]