Laser cutting

Our LASERTUBE ADIGE LT 120 system, equipped with a 2000W ROFIN laser, allows us to offer our services as subcontractors for cutting and perforating round steel pipes.

• We can process stainless pipes, both electrically welded and not, with diameters ranging from a minimum of 12 mm to a maximum of 120 mm, and up to 4 mm thick

• In particular, we can:
– make cuts that are straight, angled or with a personalised shape
- make perforations that are round, square, rectangular, oval or as drawn
- make brands that are standard or which have been obtained from the client’s logo

• if requested, the pipe can be preheated specially to stop the cutting spatter from adhering inside it.

The pipes can be loaded automatically from bundles with a length of from 3.20 ml to 6.50 ml and a maximum load of 4000 kg. In the event of special needs, the piece can be loaded manually.
The max. length of the last tube when unloaded is 4.50 ml.

Precision and speed: we cut and drill one manifold every 50"