Our mission

«We want to be a Reference Point in Europe for the stainless steel component market for fluid handling. We privilege production, co-design, and the selection of solutions with high added value through solid collaborations with clients and suppliers. We work with a team of skilled and dynamic people who are determined to satisfy the specific needs of our representatives quickly.»

Our vision

«We are a global, stainless partner for tracing new routes in fluid movement.»

Our values

We are always enthusiastic: we find excellence in all our actions

Enthusiasm is the key for moving towards excellence in everything we do. To live this value to the utmost, we knowledgeable and emotionally dedicate our energy and time, aiming at constant improvement and development – not just personal but also of the group – in accordance with company processes and roles. To have clients and colleagues live this, we demonstrate pride and enthusiasm, we face problems and difficulties with a positive and realist spirit, we assess differences, freely expressing our ideas and professional skills, in order to reach a higher level of work performance and human relationship.

We feel we belong: we face daily challenges together

Being part of a group and involved with other colleagues at every moment is the strength that helps us face our daily challenges day by day.
As members of the same team we trust and appreciate each other, with the objective of always reaching new targets, ours and those of our clients.
As a result, we are not prejudiced and we respect everyone, looking for an accurate comparison with others, giving and asking for feedback openly and transparently, welcoming suggestions and new ideas and sharing knowledge, information, energy and equipment for group improvement that we all benefit from as individuals, aware that our success depends solely on how we deal with risks and opportunities.

We are inspired by the Client and all stakeholders to create value and continual product and process improvement together.

The client, intended as a stakeholder (external client, colleague, supplier or partner) is our guide and continual source of inspiration for creating solutions that are always innovative and custom-made. and all Stakeholders in order to satisfy them fully and quickly with a view to Sustainability.
We strive every day to comply with the requirements (mandatory and non-mandatory) of our stakeholders and with all the requirements of UNI EN ISO9001 and also with ISO14001 for the environment and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety. We want to create value throughout our territory and strive to improve the environment in which we and our workers live.

We operate with diligence and involvement: we transform the ordinary operations of each one of us into extraordinary results for everyone

The constant diligence that we have day after day allows us to maintain a continual level of performance, not only during operation peaks but also in daily life. We can do this because our personal and group objectives are clear and challenging. We constantly measure our performance and the additional value we give to the organisation, and we learn from mistakes, being responsible for our own actions.
We act even if not pushed, without being afraid to make mistakes and aware that our actions and initiatives can be a stimulus and an example for others to build long-lasting success, step by step by constantly pursuing Continuous Improvement of products and processes.