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Our valves: different and unique

Their strength? The combination of thin pressed walls and TIG welding for maximum hydraulic efficiency.
To this we add the reliability of a 100% test:
We are one step ahead of the rest because the check valves we design and produce, Idrja, Small, Glovalve and Floy, together with our Linia line of filters, are the result of the design skills and technical ability in the various methods of stainless steel processing that distinguish us.
These products supply top levels of hydraulic efficiency in all liquid movement systems, no matter whether domestic, for food, plumbing or industrial, and are the perfect solution in cases where problems of corrosion, incrustation or hygiene advise against the use of copper, brass or cast iron check valves.

Each one of the valves we produce is tested before being marketed.

Installing our articles, valves and filter together in a system saves up to 20% of energy costs.


kWh saved with the same flow rate and using a nominal 1,8kW pump.

210 Kg di CO2

rKg of CO2 saved per year (4 hours of use per day)

Our manifolds: efficient and customised

We have extended our philosophy of using stainless steel for fluid movement also to our manifolds. Thin walled pipes and TIG welding for the threaded parts allow us to optimize hydraulic efficiency and keep costs down.

More than 1000
production codes

Strong points

• Our production technology which guarantees reliability and optimum hydraulic efficiency.
• Customisation: we produce manifolds to suit the most varied needs, no matter what the size or configuration
• TIG-welded joints.
• All the welded components are produced in-house with numeric control machines; this means we can give our clients faster answers.
• We work alongside our clients during the design phase, proposing solutions that optimize the cost of the final product.