Electropolishing stainless steel forever

A cutting-edge electropolishing system

Produced ad hoc, not just for treating our products but also for third party contracts. The system is characterized by great productive elasticity; it can work continually without any downtime and manage different cycles at the same time. Automation simplifies maintenance work and constant process quality monitoring. Another strong point is the modular frame. Different articles, even individual pieces, can be processed without affecting machine productivity, therefore keeping prices competitive. The rotary frame means we can electropolish parts with a very complex geometry. In addition, we can develop ad hoc frames according to client specifications

Why is electropolishing an additional advantage?

• It is an electrolytic process that increases the performances of stainless steel: it makes the steel more stainless, gives greater resistance to corrosion, improves the aesthetic aspect, and makes the metal surface more uniform.
• Electropolishing creates an anodic film that prevents the metal from being attacked by chemical agents and corrosive environments.
• Internal electropolishing makes the produced item compatible for use in special sectors, such as medicine and food.
• Electropolished parts are less subject to thermal or mechanical stress.

Polished surfaces per month


Polishing department


of piping used to produce the machine


of tubular steel used to produce the frame


machine weight

74T/year of CO2 savings

Machine and suction system powered by the Mondeo Solar photovoltaic hybrid system


distance covered by the carriage movements in one day

Other treatments

Degreasing: removes stamping oils, emulsifying agents, greases and other contaminants that can compromise the subsequent processes such as welding, painting and assembly.

Pickling: an electrochemical treatment that removes typical welding oxides, giving the treated part an even, clean surface.