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Stainless steel valves and manifolds

Hydraulic efficiency is the strong point and principle of our production philosophy.
Installing our articles in a system saves up to 20% of energy costs.

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We produce stainless steel valves, manifolds and accessories. These products supply top levels of hydraulic efficiency in all liquid movement systems, no matter whether domestic, for food, plumbing or industrial. Our production technology guarantees reliability and high standards of efficiency and quality.

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We believe that true innovation means providing quality products and continuously investing in research that is aimed at finding advanced technological solutions in line with the changing needs of the industry.

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Foot valve with hose nipple
Automatic Air Vent
Shut-off valves
Check valves
Idrja AC
Check valves
Floy 2.0
small AC
Check valves
Small AC


We electropolish our products – valves and maniflods – to increase the performances of stainless steel and gave it greater resistance to corrosion. We have a cutting-edge electropolishing system for treating our products and for third party contracts. Produced ad hoc, the system is characterized by great productive elasticity keeping prices competitive and it can electropolish parts with a very complex geometry.

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