Manifolds are generally used to connect different segments of a hydraulic system, or to connect two pump units to obtain a higher flow rate. Mondeo manifolds are made of stainless steel. Thanks to their slimness, which increases the inner flow surface of the fluid, and TIG-welded threaded parts, load losses are reduced to a minimum. In addition to their optimal hydraulic efficiency, another strong point of our manifolds is that both their size and their configuration can be personalised.

Hydraulic manifold applications

These manifolds are suitable for transferring domestic hot water, in heating systems, for drinking water. In addition to the plumbing and drainage sector, they are used in water purification systems or for treating industrial water. They can be used in buildings for floor heating, for connecting water meters and for battery connecting water meters. To make pump group assembly easier, kits with the support bases for the pumps, the manifolds, the support for the electric panel, the valves and all the necessary accessories are available.

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