Check valves

Check valves, also called non-return valves, allow fluids to flow in a single direction. You can find them at the outlet of the hydraulic system, where fluid return has to be avoided, no matter whether domestic hot water, air, or industrial, discharge and drainage liquids. Check valves work automatically and according to the difference in pressure between the section upstream and downstream of the stem.

Available types of check valve

The valves can be spring loaded, disc, ball, wafer disc, double disc wafer, swing, wafer swing and foot flanged according to the closing system. They can be made of AISI 304 and AISI 316 steel, brass, cast iron and plastic. The stainless steel check valves produced by Mondeo - Idrja, Small, Glovalve and Floy - guarantee contained load loss and better system efficiency thanks to their special shape.

Check valve applications

Check valves cover a wide range of applications: working pressures from 6 bar to 350 bar and temperatures from -25 to +250 °C. Their versatility makes them perfect for various applications. They are suitable for both industrial and domestic use, in water and industrial liquid treatment plants, in pump groups for civil and industrial water, for compressed air, liquid waste and sewers.

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